Courcelles Le Roy

A castle and its romantic village.

Located less than 2 hours south of Paris, in a calm and protected environment, the Château de Courcelles le Roy is the idyllic venue to host the most beautiful weddings.

The venue, surrounded by natural woods and a pond, can sleep up to 55 guests in its 4 annexes. It also has various outdoor and indoor reception spaces to host your ceremonies, drinks receptions and dinners.

Behind the castle, near the pond, you will find that the atmosphere is quite unique and peaceful. Come sundown, the light pierces through the castle, almost like an invitation to take a walk in the woods.

This fantastic location often arouses the curiosity of those who are in love with history and old stones. The French King Charles VII spent some time in the castle, and met with his lover Agnes Sorel to enjoy a romantic getaway.

A few centuries later, the General MacDonald who was made Marshal of France by Napoleon Bonaparte, fell in love with the place. Originally from Scotland, MacDonald is also a regional character: he grew up in Sancerre and spent the rest of his life at Courcelles le Roy. He is responsible for the building of the great pyramid, located on the main road leading to the castle, in memory of his third wife.

Today, continuing its long-standing tradition, this venue celebrates its history by hosting sumptuous weddings and private events.

You can become the Lords and Ladies of the castle for a weekend!

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Caterers : “We are happy to recommend modern and creative catering companies. They will be flexible and give you guidance.” Diane & François

Florists : “Don’t hesitate and send your florist some inspiration pictures so they can make your dreams come true.” Diane & François

Photographers : “We have a shortlist of recommended photographers we can suggest.” Diane & François

Videographers : “Don’t underestimate the emotional power of a wedding video. You will love being able to reminisce about your day on film.” Diane & François

Make-up artists : “Here is a selection of make-up artists who can come to the venue on your wedding day. You can also have a trial onsite (depending on the venue’s availability).” Diane & François

Hair stylists : “The hair stylist will also come to the venue on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids or other special guests could also benefit from this service. If you are having a trial, why not schedule them on the same day?” Diane & François

Band : “Have you thought about hiring a band to kick the party off?” Diane & François

DJ : “Feel free to start a conversation with our partnering DJs to discuss your ideas. We hope one of them will be the right fit!” Diane & François

Ceremony celebrant : “If you wish to have your symbolic ceremony created and performed by a professional, don’t hesitate and get in touch with a ceremony celebrant.” Diane & François

Baby-sitters : “We recommend baby-sitting companies that will care for and entertain children.” Diane & François

Props and decor items : “Chandeliers, colored vases, peacock chairs... have a look at our vendors’ websites and get inspired! “

Wedding car : “Get yourself a fabulous car on your wedding day!” Diane & François

Entertainment : “If you are looking to create wonderful memories, or to generate new interactions, don’t hesitate to check out the offers of these various vendors.” Diane & François

Taxis : "For peace of mind, the local taxi companies can offer a shuttle service to your guests, to bring them back to various outside accommodations.” Diane & François

Local wines : “Sancerre or Côteaux-du-giennois, ask us for some advice.” Diane & François

Wine Merchants : “You want to be able to offer your guests a variety of wines without worrying about quantity? Ask our wine merchants about their sale or return policy. Unopened bottles can be returned at the end of your stay.” Diane & François

Champagne : “You are looking for a one of a kind Champagne? Ask us for advice.” Diane & François

Local beers : “For beer lovers and adventure enthusiasts, how about some local regional brews!” Diane & François

Bakeries : “Local bakeries can deliver fresh bread and croissants every morning, for some delicious breakfasts or brunches.” Diane & François

Local meat, cold cuts, rotisserie : “What better on the first night than the smell of a delicious barbecue to share with your guests?” Diane & François

Food-trucks : “If you are looking for an original idea for a brunch: how about a lovely little food truck that serves burgers, and other tasty flavors!” Diane & François

Local cheese shops : “Whether crottin de chavignol goat cheese or sheep cheese, our region has plenty of delightful cheeses. Pair them with charcuterie boards and Coteaux-du-giennois wine and you have yourself a typical French snack, or even a meal.

Artisanal ice-cream : “Another original and local idea for a sweet treat by the pool.” Diane & François

Small gifts for your guests : “Consider some local honey for breakfast, or tiny customized honey pots as guest gifts to be displayed on the dinner table.” Diane & François

Supermarket : “Get your groceries delivered by the local supermarket! Soft drinks, jams, coal... Unopened bottles can be returned upon the end of your stay.” Diane & François

Pizzas : “A pizza delivery night upon arrival is always a big hit... and stress-free!”’

Spanish Paella : “A paella for brunch will give your weekend a festive touch.” Diane & François

Our domain is located at:

  • Paris: less than 2 hours south (91 miles)
  • Highway/Freeway: A6+A77
  • Exit A77-N°19: 10 Mn after the exit
  • Orly airport: 90 miles
  • Orleans: 45 miles
  • Train: direct  from Paris Bercy to Briare station
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