Our concept

Wedding Collection has always strived to provide a personalized service so that each couple can have the wedding of their dream. Wedding Collection is a group of 4 exclusive venues, each with a specific architecture, a unique history, and surrounded by luxurious nature.

Each venue is exclusively hired for at least 2 nights, which will allow you to use the space to its full potential for each of your functions.

After all, why limit yourself to one evening when the party can last for a full weekend?

We want to offer our couples a one of a kind experience, and have them wake up in a comfortable bed, in their dream venue, on the most beautiful day of their life. Because we want you to feel as relaxed as possible, there are several bedrooms available onsite for your close ones. Each bedroom is thoughtfully prepared according to a personalized rooming list. 

You and your guests will be able to enjoy various outdoors activities, such as playing ping-pong, taking a swim in the pool, or even challenging your friends to a petanque game before gathering around the bar.

Wedding Collection seeks to be as helpful as possible with the set up of your wedding. The event rooms are fully equipped with tables, chairs, sound system, lighting, video-projector. There even is a dedicated ceremony area with benches. The team onsite will ensure that the reception room is set up for dinner according to the plan that you will have provided us with.

Each space can easily be adapted to fit a new purpose. For example you can quickly turn a bedroom or a living room into a hair & make-up station.

Finally, Wedding Collection is also a service that will give you guidance on local and trusted vendors, none of which will be imposed.

If you are looking to create an authentic wedding in the country, near Paris, please get in touch with us!