L’offre aux 100 couchages!

Un château et son village romantique.

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Caterers : “We are happy to recommend modern and creative catering companies. They will be flexible and give you guidance.” Diane & François

Florists : “Don’t hesitate and send your florist some inspiration pictures so they can make your dreams come true.” Diane & François

Photographers : “We have a shortlist of recommended photographers we can suggest.” Diane & François

Videographers : “Don’t underestimate the emotional power of a wedding video. You will love being able to reminisce about your day on film.” Diane & François

Make-up artists : “Here is a selection of make-up artists who can come to the venue on your wedding day. You can also have a trial onsite (depending on the venue’s availability).” Diane & François

Hair stylists : “The hair stylist will also come to the venue on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids or other special guests could also benefit from this service. If you are having a trial, why not schedule them on the same day?” Diane & François

Band : “Have you thought about hiring a band to kick the party off?” Diane & François

DJ : “Feel free to start a conversation with our partnering DJs to discuss your ideas. We hope one of them will be the right fit!” Diane & François

Ceremony celebrant : “If you wish to have your symbolic ceremony created and performed by a professional, don’t hesitate and get in touch with a ceremony celebrant.” Diane & François

Baby-sitters : “We recommend baby-sitting companies that will care for and entertain children.” Diane & François

Props and decor items : “Chandeliers, colored vases, peacock chairs... have a look at our vendors’ websites and get inspired! “

Wedding car : “Get yourself a fabulous car on your wedding day!” Diane & François

Entertainment : “If you are looking to create wonderful memories, or to generate new interactions, don’t hesitate to check out the offers of these various vendors.” Diane & François

Taxis : "For peace of mind, the local taxi companies can offer a shuttle service to your guests, to bring them back to various outside accommodations.” Diane & François

Local wines : “Sancerre or Côteaux-du-giennois, ask us for some advice.” Diane & François

Wine Merchants : “You want to be able to offer your guests a variety of wines without worrying about quantity? Ask our wine merchants about their sale or return policy. Unopened bottles can be returned at the end of your stay.” Diane & François

Champagne : “You are looking for a one of a kind Champagne? Ask us for advice.” Diane & François

Local beers : “For beer lovers and adventure enthusiasts, how about some local regional brews!” Diane & François

Bakeries : “Local bakeries can deliver fresh bread and croissants every morning, for some delicious breakfasts or brunches.” Diane & François

Local meat, cold cuts, rotisserie : “What better on the first night than the smell of a delicious barbecue to share with your guests?” Diane & François

Food-trucks : “If you are looking for an original idea for a brunch: how about a lovely little food truck that serves burgers, and other tasty flavors!” Diane & François

Local cheese shops : “Whether crottin de chavignol goat cheese or sheep cheese, our region has plenty of delightful cheeses. Pair them with charcuterie boards and Coteaux-du-giennois wine and you have yourself a typical French snack, or even a meal.

Artisanal ice-cream : “Another original and local idea for a sweet treat by the pool.” Diane & François

Small gifts for your guests : “Consider some local honey for breakfast, or tiny customized honey pots as guest gifts to be displayed on the dinner table.” Diane & François

Supermarket : “Get your groceries delivered by the local supermarket! Soft drinks, jams, coal... Unopened bottles can be returned upon the end of your stay.” Diane & François

Pizzas : “A pizza delivery night upon arrival is always a big hit... and stress-free!”’

Spanish Paella : “A paella for brunch will give your weekend a festive touch.” Diane & François

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Courcelles Le Roy

Courcelles Le Roy


A castle and its romantic village


  • 180 guests for a sit-down dinner
  • 55 guests sleeping capacity
  • 61 acres
  • 1 staff member who knows the venue by heart, present on your wedding day
  • 1 Guardian Angel on your wedding day
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Le Petit Valot

Le Petit Valot

Intimate :
A rustic family venue

  • 170 seated guests
  • 40 beds
  • 5 hectares
  • 1 expert from the venue until D-Day
  • 1 “Guardian Angel” during your stay 
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Les Etangs des Vignes

Les Etangs des Vignes

Unusual :
Breathtaking views in the wilderness.

  • 180 seated guests
  • 45 beds
  • 25 hectares
  • 1 expert from the venue until D-Day
  • 1 “Guardian Angel” during your stay 
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