Diane, François & Niño



Who is Wedding
Collection ?



In 2013, François took a leap of faith and decided to take over the castle of Courcelles Le Roy.

Step by step, he brought the castle back to life and turned it into a safe haven where his family and friends could spend weekends together.

François decided to progressively turn the domain into a venue where new guests could host a party for an entire weekend.

The adventure continues as new venues came into the equation in 2020, and the project was renamed Wedding Collection.

Wedding Collection wishes to help local endangered heritage sites and give them a new life by turning them into unique wedding venues.





"More than
venues, we
want to offer you
an experience"

Diane & François


"Both of us are in love with nature and old- stones, and we are both entrepreneurs. We decided to put together our passions and our complementary skills in terms of restoring old buildings and hosting events to bring these venues back to life.

We would be delighted to have you in one of the 4 venues we have carefully thought out. Our goal is to offer you a once in a lifetime experience, to exceed your expectations and to blow away your guests. Care and anticipation are at the core of our expertise...

We want to help you create eternal memories on the most beautiful day of your life. We offer you the chance to get married in one of 4 venues, each with a distinct identity. We can of course recommend a selection of local and quality vendors so that your wedding is as personal as it is unforgettable.”